Oxoid Low Temp Catalyst Sachet (Pack of 5)

4.00 LBS

Product Overview

The low temperature catalyst sachet is a safe, effective, "cold" catalyst sachet, which is used to remove oxygen from anaerobic gas jars. It can be used with the evacuation/replacement technique or in conjunction with hydrogen/carbon dioxide generating sachets.

Each catalyst contains 4g of palladium coated pellets for use in a 3.5 litre capacity jar, as recommended by the UK Department of Health, a minimum of 1g per litre of volume. The catalyst is designed to minimise the potential risk of explosion, which occurred historically when conventional catalysts overheated within a hydrogen/oxygen atmosphere. The DWS catalyst operates at a relatively low temperature, which also prolongs its useful life.

The life of any catalyst depends upon the frequency of use and the exposure of the palladium to sulphur-containing gases and moisture. When a catalyst fails, it usually does so suddenly, working satisfactorily one day and not the next. Therefore, to ensure the greatest efficiency and safety in use, the DWS catalyst should be changed after 30 anaerobic cycles. In addition, DWS advises that the catalyst should be dried at 160℃ for 60-90 minutes after every anaerobic cycle.