Lab Blender Bags, 500 per box 400 ml Non-woven lateral filter P

25.00 LBS

Product Overview

BagFilter is a sterile blender bag equipped with a side filter, perfect for the microbiological anaylses of fibrous samples.  Made of Multilayer©, a reinforced multicoated complex, it is tear resistant for the homogenization of any sample to analyze.  

- Sterile, approved for food contact
- No risk of cross contamination
- The filtration of the sample occurs during homogenization, no need to wait for debris sedimentation
- The particle-free filtrate guarantees efficient sample analysis and is ideal for spiral plating, PCR, and colony counting
- The non-woven side filter is ideal for fibrous samples
- Porosity of the filter is <250 microns
- Rigid and transparent
- Precise results and excellent reproducibility
- Can be closed with a bag clip or heat sealed

BagFilter P
Ideal for pipetting!
Flora is extracted from the sample and goes through the filter during blending.  Users can then pipet behind the filter with no residue or particles from the sample.

400 mL bags, 500 sterile bags per box.

Delivery subject to availability.